la brisa tranquila is the best place to start your Journey to the most beautiful places along the Caribbean coast.



The best thing you can do after a journey...nothing. Relax in a beach chair – or take a book out of our book exchange and enjoy the incredible surroundings at La Brisa Tranquila.



What better way to end the day than to sit around a glowing bonfire with new friends? The nightly ´fogatas´invite guests to get to know one another while sitting under a starry night sky. 


The ocean side platform allows guests the opportunity to enjoy a professional massage while listening to waves and a gentle breeze in the palms. Do not miss this experience during your stay. 



Take advantage of your time on the coast by renting a Paddle Board (40,000 pesos) or a Boogie Board (10,000 pesos). No better way to enjoy the waves or the jungle river that meets the sea. 

*Surfing lessons and boards available through private provider. Ask for details at reception. 




The national park is a beautiful, vast and diverse national park, located 1 hour from Santa Marta. The park can be enjoyed on a quick day trip, a short 2-3 day stay, or explored for weeks of hiking, camping and beach hopping.   Be sure to not miss El Cabo San Juan beach; you’ll recognize the stunning scenery from the covers of nearly every guide book of Colombia.  Hike to Pueblito for a challenging ascent up ancient Tayrona stairs to see the site of a former indigenous village. Catch a boat to Playa Cristal and marvel as you stand in crystal blue water and look down at tropical fish swimming around your feet.  Tayrona is a breathtaking place that will make you feel as though you’ve truly arrived in paradise.

Cost: 37.500 pesos entrance fee; 6.000 pesos bus fare each way; 2.000 pesos jeep ride to the beginning of the trail

What to bring: bathing suit, sunscreen, bug spray, towel, plastic bag (in case it rains), water


 This 4-6 day trek is considered an advanced hike into the jungle to see the sacred indigenous site of the Lost City; only discovered by outsiders in the 1970s.  To access the spectacular panoramic views of the Lost City, one must first trek steep trails (no switchbacks here), wade over rivers, spot multiple cascading waterfalls, visit an indigenous village, and climb over 1,000 ancient stone steps.  Marvel at the view and your accomplishment while keeping in mind that only 10% of the Lost City has been excavated!  Kogis and Aruachos (two local indigenous groups) have said that they used the site long before its discovery for spiritual rituals and that there are many more like it hidden in the jungle of the Sierra Nevada.  Tours can be booked through our reception.  Our biggest piece of advice: bring bug spray!  You can thank us later.

Cost: Around 1.200.000 pesos per all inclusive tour

What to bring: BUG SPRAY, long hiking pants, plastic bags to keep things dry


Take collective bus at the main road and in about 30 minutes you will land at a crystal clear emerald river awaiting your next adventure. Rent inner tubes at one of the provider huts near the road and make the trek up the river to find a 'put in' spot that suits you. Then, sit back, relax and enjoy the lazy ride past some beautiful sites. 


What to bring: bathing suit, sunscreen, bug spray, towel, snacks, a good book


Forty-five minutes up and into the Sierra Nevada mountains lies the small, sleepy, campesino (farming) village of Minca. Here you can escape the bustle of the city to relax by a waterfall or quench your thirst for adrenaline in the highest coastal mountain range in the world.  Choose from a number of activities offered in Minca: hiking, rappelling, ziplining, river tubing, mountain biking, paint-balling, bird watching, and coffee farm tours,.

Cost: 6.000 collective fare each way

What to bring: bug spray, outdoor sporting shoes


Up the coast from Santa Marta lays the northern-most territory of South America, La Guajira. Described by Lonely Planet as, “the kind of mystical place you read about in books, but rarely stumble upon in real life”(Lonely Planet, 2010), we couldn’t agree more with this description of one of the most unique places in the world.  Head to Cabo de la Vela for some striking views from the Pilón de Azúcar or take in some world class windsurfing.  If you have more time, trek up to Punta Gallinas where the yellow sand dunes plunge into turquoise waters. You’ll be in awe of the vastness of the desert and ocean that is the remote home of the Wayyuu indigenous people.  It’s a long way away from Santa Marta (about 6 hours to Cabo de la Vela, and 9 to Punta Gallinas), but we’ve never encountered anyone who’s been disappointed. Escape to this Colombian jewel and treat yourself to some freshly caught lobster and a Polar Ice (Venezuelan beer in abundance) on some of the most secluded beaches in South America.


What to bring: bathing suit, sunscreen, bug spray, towel, snacks, a good book


Not far from La Brisa Tranquila, the waterfall and natural pools warrant a visit during the rainy season. Crystal clear water flowing over an enormous rock wall proves to be a sweet spot to cool off on a hot day. Get a mototaxi or grab a collective bus at the road, then take a leisurely 20-minute hike along a well maintained dirt path to an impressive waterfall.  

COST: transport (varies), entrance to falls 3.000 pesos

What to bring: bathing suit, sunscreen, bug spray, towel, snacks


An expansive lagoon, waterfalls, river pools, and stunning rock formations make for a memorable way to pass a day in the jungle. Hire a motorcycle taxi at the reception at La Brisa Tranquila and then it is only about 20 minutes before you reach your day trip destination. The taxi will drop you at a dirt trail that leads through a short bit of jungle before delivering you to a spectacular swimming hole. Usually fairly quiet, this is a highly recommended excursion.

COST: 15.000 pesos for motorcycle taxi and entrance to the falls

What to bring: bathing suit, sunscreen, bug spray, towel, snacks



About 45 minutes from La Brisa Tranquila is a bustling beach town. While it used to be fairly sleepy a few years ago, it has definitely 'woken up'. There are numerous options for accommodations and an active local nightlife along the roadside bars. 



What to bring: bathing suit, sunscreen, bug spray, towel, snacks, a good book